Friday, July 29, 2011

Use of the Will

With willing hearts and skillful hands, the difficult we do at once; the impossible takes a bit longer

The Science of  Being Well
Chapter 6 - Use of the Will  (47:29)

In common vernacular the word will is usually associated with determination as a synonym for perseverance.
However, in philosophy, the word will is defined as the result of making a voluntary choice after some deliberation about the different options. For the purposes of this discussion we will use them both, together, for the best result.

In order to be healthy, we must determine (voluntarily choose after contemplating all the options) to control our thoughts so that we think only thoughts of health.  Without a doubt, this will take some determination (purposeful diligence and perseverance) to accomplish.

We are not asking our body to do something that it is not capable of performing, we are only working on our mind.  We are focusing  our attention on what we want to come about in our life.  

Just for the fun of it, consider the possibility that
So, if this is a true statement, then the things we give our attention to are the things we love, desire and want more of.

What do you love?  Where are your thoughts focused?  Do you have a clear picture of what you want or are you focused on what you don't want?

We must become aware of our thoughts and monitor them if we are ever going to choose them.  The good news is our thoughts CAN be our choice.   We always have the option to believe whatever we want to believe.

When we decide to believe the truth about health, we come to understand that the mental-body permeates our physical body.  Our thoughts determine how our body will  function.  Think only of health. Believe in health and move the body toward health.

You cannot long retain a belief unless you act upon it, you cannot increase a belief until it becomes faith unless you act upon it and you certainly cannot expect to reap benefits in any way from a belief so long as you act as if the opposite were true.  - Wallace D Wattles

When we think of ourselves as sick people, we will become sick people.  Test the truth of this statement.  Give it a try by thinking a miserable or distressing thought, hang your head down, slump over and really feel bad....

Now, think of yourself as a healthy person. Act like a well person...Lift your chin up, sit up straight, laugh out loud.  The same choice is yours every minute of everyday.

If you want to be healthy, you must picture yourself as a strong and healthy person.  Hold on to the mental picture of health you created in the earlier exercise.

Reject all thoughts of sickness or disease.  Think health.  Use gratitude as an anchor for the health you already have and to open up the possibility for more. Ask questions that create expansion.  How does it get any better than this?  What else is possible? 

According to Wattles, the key  component of this philosophy is to "Sever mental relations with disease and enter into mental relations with health"

Above all else, we must discard all thoughts of disease and think only thoughts of health. This is one of those simple statements that is not so easy to do.  That is why it must be our decision and we must truly desire health.

Make every effort to surround yourself with health.  Create an environment that supports the desire to be healthy.  Keep only those things that convey health, power, vitality, joy and abundance.  In all instances,think health, recognize health, give your attention to health and give gratitude for health.

The only thing we must overcome is our own thoughts so we can decide what things to think to make health a choice.

The use of the will means to look at the options and choose a course of action.  What if the only thing powerful enough to stop you, is you?

Tip of The Day:

Spend some time in a garden full of flowers.  Really stop to smell the roses.  There truly is something magical about flowers. Breathe in the fragrance.  Admire the beauty.   Let their essence feed your soul and feel your heart sing while your spirit soars.  Spend some time today in a garden full of flowers.

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