Friday, August 5, 2011

Ask for What You Want

The beginning of wisdom is found in doubting; by doubting we come to the question, and by seeking we may come upon the truth.- Pierre Abelard

The Science of Being Well
Chapter 7 -  Health from God (55:26)

In the Chapter, Health from God, Wattles reasserts that the there is one Source of  all life.   The purpose of life is to know abundance.  To desire health is to desire to have more abundance.  In order to have more health and abundance, we must be in harmony with the source of life. This life source energy is in, around and among us at all times.  When we are in harmony with this energy, our life flows effortlessly. 

Using the laws of physics, we can access  the energy and power we desire from the inflow of  life source energy.  In every moment, all the information there is, is available to everyone. The only problem is psychologists have noted that a human mind can only take in a certain amount of information at a time.  We must decide where we want to focus our attention.

When we focus ALL of our awareness on one task, so that there is no more attention to be allocated, we get into a state of flow.  In flow, we naturally have absolute faith in what we are doing.  We are in harmony with the universe so we are able to keep on  functioning at a level that far exceeds our normal ability and we have unwavering stamina to keep on purpose.

While we are most likely to enter this state when we wholeheartedly enjoy what we are doing, it is possible to enter a state of flow in any activity.  In the flow state, we tap into the inexhaustible reservoir of life force energy. The energy comes through us leaving us feeling fresh and exhilarated with our accomplishment.  With a clear goal and faith in our ability,  we keep moving, overcoming any obstacles that we may encounter. 

Research has finally proven what experience has shown for years. The universe is a giant computer we program by our thoughts and actions! In his book, Programming the Universe, Seth Lloyd, says that everything that exists (atoms, energy, space) is just bits of information colliding, combining and interacting to create the universe. 

All microscopic systems, atoms, photons (particles of light), phonons (particles of sound), quantum dots (artificial atoms), and superconducting circuits, register information.  Like all physical systems, they respond to force and momentum, light and sound, to electricity and gravity. To speak to energy, we must learn its language.

Vibration is that language.  Everything vibrates on a molecular level.  Just as a vibrating tuning fork will cause another fork to vibrate, so we attract to us the frequency of our vibration. High vibration attracts positive events while low vibration attracts less desirable events.

In his book, Power vs Force, Dr. Dave Hawkins created a scale of frequencies.  The frequencies that bring negative events into our lives are those that are below 250, and unfortunately the majority of humans on the planet vibrate below this threshold.

We can see how this negativity plays out in our society when we look at the current state of affairs.  Fear is a very low vibration and many people are living in fear; fear of crime,  fear of the economy,  fear of losing a home or a job.  Ironically, when we look at the jobless rate, we find many people are out of work, but in truth,  almost 90 percent of workers are unhappy with their jobs. Is it any real surprise that people in fear are losing jobs they don't want?

Whether or not we realize it, being in these low vibrational states has consequences on our attitude which ultimately,  impacts our health, our relationships, and our fundamental sense of happiness.

There is hope.  Look up!  Inspiration is all around us.   If we will only take control  of our thoughts, direct our will, and maintain high vibrational states, we automatically tap into the the wisdom of the Universe.  We connect to our vision, goal or purpose in such a way that we are automatically and effortlessly compelled to act.  We create our world with a smile on our face and joy in our heart, knowing the entire time that anything is possible. We just know how to do what we want to do. 

Simply asking questions such as, "What else is possible?" will open many doors.  Synchronicity is waiting around every corner with opportunities and possibilities we never even imagined possible.   Just Ask!  This is what it is to be in flow. 

We can most easily tap into the wisdom of the Universe when we have cleared our negative, limiting beliefs of scarcity and poverty so that we are able to harmonize with all. When we are in balance we not only seek our highest good, but the highest good of all.  By seeking a higher purpose, we receive the benefit of tapping into this wisdom in the form of  increased physical energy and vitality.  

Frequently, we only tap in to this wisdom instinctively or by chance, and then we call it "good luck."   The best possible scenario is to learn to tap in to this wisdom, intelligently, and at will,  in order to consciously choose to make our own luck based on our preferences.  

There is a limitless supply of creative life force energy available to us all.  When we learn to speak the language of vibration and live in the wisdom of flow, we can ask for and expect to receive to our heart's desire.

Tip of the Day: 
Intention is a very powerful thing. Act as if anything you desire is already here, all that you seek you've already received and treat yourself as if you already are what you would like to become.


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