Saturday, May 28, 2011

Come into Alignment

To Thine Own Self Be True - Polonius

In yesterday's post I identified ten behaviors of successful people. Quickly, here are those behaviors...

Successful people are
  • Congruent
  • Present
  • Suspend Judgement
  • Cultivate Positive Thoughts
  • Understand the Power of Words
  • Are Physically Fit
  • Make the Best Use of Their Time
  • Study Successful Role Models
  • Listen
  • Serve Others
Let's take these one by one to get an understanding of how these behaviors contribute to success.

The first behavior of successful people is congruency. To be congruent means that what a person thinks, says and does is in alignment. Their behavior is in line with their values, beliefs and desires.

There are two important aspects to this concept. One is within the person and the other pertains to relating to others. On a personal level when we are congruent, we do not experience internal conflict and our personal power expands. On the interpersonal level when we do what we say we will do our credibility increases. Other people will perceive us as trustworthy...and our personal power increases.

We experience personal power when we feel enthusiasm and optimism and it is directly related to our energy level. It is the ability to influence others and achieve what we want. More than anything else, personal power brings us into resonance with success and happiness.

There are four stages to personal power. These stages are revolution, involution, narcissism, and evolution.

The first stage of personal power is revolution. Revolution is establishing our own sense of authority and separating from group thought. It is breaking away from the "shoulds"...and doing things because we have a desire to do them.

The next stage is involution. Involution is going within and surveying how well the external world is serving our personal needs...It is getting to know what we really want...knowing our true purpose and desires.

The third stage of personal power is narcissism. Narcissism is loving ourselves enough to create boundaries and stand up for our personal beliefs in the face of opposition.

The final stage in developing personal power is evolution. Evolution happens when people are able to maintain their principles, their dignity, and their faith without compromising.

People who reach the evolution stage take charge of their physical environments - and then the environments change to accommodate the power of the person that commands them.

Come into Alignment and watch your success soar.

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