Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cultivate Positive Thoughts

Happiness is an attitude.  We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong.  The amount of work is the same.  ~Francesca Reigler 

This series of posts are reflections on the behaviors of successful people that are worthy of emulation...

We have previously identified that

Successful people are
  • Congruent
  • Present
  • Suspend Judgement
  • Cultivate Positive Thoughts
  • Understand the Power of Words
  • Are Physically Fit
  • Make the Best Use of Their Time
  • Study Successful Role Models
  • Listen
  • Serve Others
The fourth behavior of successful people is the practice of cultivating positive thoughts.

What we see in our mind is what we create.... what we think about is what will come about…

The important thing for us to remember is we get to choose the experiences we have through the thoughts we 
think and the actions we take.

One way we can cultivate a positive attitude is to
  • Start each day with an open mind and a  grateful heart
  • Focus only on seeing the positive aspects of every situation and person you encounter
  • End each day with a grateful heart
Men like Neils Bohr and Albert Einstein have shown through many experiment the duality of the universe. From these experiments, we know that an observer will see that which he expects to see...

If we go through our day expecting everyone to be kind and helpful that is generally what we will find.  And if by some chance we encounter someone less so, we are happy knowing that we were kind and helpful to them anyway.

Joe Vitale is known for being a motivational speaker.  He stated in an interview that he recently encountered someone from his past, some 40 years later, and was reminded, that as a young man, he was pessimistic and very negative. A very different person from the person he is today.  He said in the interview that he wanted to be a writer and so he was emulating the life of authors he admired.  The only problem was they were negative, pessimistic people.  After bouts with depression and even suicidal thoughts, he decided to find some new role models and  changed his life.  One thought at a time...

I am a Reiki practitioner and would like to share the Reiki Principles here... 

Just for Today

Just for Today, Let Go of Anger.
Just for Today, Let Go of Worry
Just for Today, Do your work honestly.
Just for Today, Be Kind to all Living things.
Just for Today, Give Thanks for Your Many Blessings

If one day seems impossible, then change the length to something attainable..... Just for this second, minute or hour......Success builds on success....Then celebrate the success and start anew....

Just for today, I wish everyone, everywhere, all the best.

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