Thursday, June 30, 2011

In the Space that Permeates

What is seen is merely a glimpse of what is unseen - Anaxagoras

The Science of Being Well
Chapter Two- Foundations of Faith  (11:27)

Whether we are jumping in with both feet or diving in head first.....Let's do it with enthusiasm!

The first truth is that "all things are made from one living substance, which in its original state permeates, penetrates and fills the interspaces of the universe" is how Wattles begins this second chapter.  And in this statement he has said a mouthful....

The key to understanding this statement is in the "space."  That this space exists, and is a creative power, is a tenet of ancient philosophy and a foundation of religion.  This reference can be traced  as far back as the Emerald Tablet and the Seven Principles of Hermes.  It is in this place that divine wisdom resides and the quanta waits to coalesce.

Ancient philosophers knew the space was there long before science found it. Most recently, this space, or Source, has been called the zero point field.  It  does, as Wattles contends, permeate and penetrate all things.  In fact, it connects all things and remembers all things.  It is the web that spins the illusion of  matter.

Beginning in the early 1900's, Albert Einstein and Neils Bohr  engaged in many experiments that spurred an ongoing debate which ultimately concluded in an understanding that energy exists both in waves and particles.  The state in which it is seen is determined by the observer. 

I heard a simple story that  illustrates this point. It goes something like this:

There were two employees from the same location who were selected for transfer to another location.  Upon notification of this transfer the first person asked the agent, "What are the people like in the new place?"  The agent replied "What are the people like where you are from?"  The first employee replied,  "they are rude and not very friendly." To which the agent knowingly replied "Oh, well, then I expect you'll find they are the same in the new location."

When the second employee was notified of the transfer, he also asked what to expect from the people in the new location.  Again, the agent asked, "What are the people like where you are from?"  The second employee enthusiastically replied, Oooooh,  they are wonderful,  kind, and generous!"  To which the agent replied, "Really! So are the people in the new location!"

And the moral of the story is: We see what we are looking for.....

In its natural state, energy is a wave.  It is pure potentiality - anything is possible - this is the living substance, the Source,  from which all things emanate.  Energy, in particle form, is the thought made manifest. It is the choice we make.

All the choices ever made are a part of the zero point field.  Every thought, every memory, every action is there.  It is collective consciousness.  We begin life bathed in this consciousness, soaking up all the behaviors, thoughts, and beliefs of our family members; learning to conform to the ideas of the culture in which we are born.  

The American culture is currently inundated with health threats of every shape and form.  The pharmaceutical companies, in conjunction with the American Medical Association,  propagandize drugs and tests for every disease imaginable.  As they impel their agenda to scare society into constantly thinking thoughts of disease, they are filling their pockets with untold profits.  To make matters worse, attaching fear to the thoughts of disease gives immense power to a very low vibration.

When thought creates form, it follows that the constant attention given to all these diseases actually perpetuates them.  Only by focusing on health can we overcome disease.
We are "capable of originating thought," and can therefore choose to think health and avoid any and all reference to disease.  We can focus our attention on health.  It is possible to learn the science of being well.

It begins with accepting two ideas.

1. There is a substance from which all things are made and which in its original state permeates, penetrates and fills the interspaces of the universe.  

2.  Man is a thinking center capable of original thought and his thought has power over his functioning.

To have perfect health, we must come into alignment with perfect health.  We must believe, think, and act in perfect health.

Without a doubt, health is a choice.

Tip of the Day:

Start wherever you are!

Use the Well-Being Chart to document your current feelings about your level of wellness in each dimension of your life.  Use the chart to pinpoint the areas where more attention would be beneficial.


  1. Well put, Kara! I try to watch those who are healthier than me and figure out exactly what they do... it takes dedication and work, but I think mostly it's a matter of changing habits.

  2. Thanks, KK.
    My understanding is that maintaining and improving our health requires the discipline to vigilantly monitor our thoughts so they stay where we want them and a willingness to clear out our "unhealthy socialization."

    Its a process and for most of us, it definitely means changing habits!!