Friday, June 10, 2011

Synchronicity in Action

By thought, the thing you want is brought to you. By action, you receive it - Wallace D Wattles

At the end of the post yesterday I suggested this activity...

Set an intention and then take some action within 24 hours that will move you toward achieving that intention.  Then pay attention to what happens....Expect miracles, look for synchronicity, coincidences, opportunities, etc and then take the next logical step toward achieving your goal.

Today, I thought I would share the types of things that may occur when you do expect miracles and look for synchronicity.  Take every opportunity to celebrate and  give thanks for the goodness that is on its way!

For us, these examples have become common occurrences!  I have also included a couple of my favorite "woo woo" (how could that happen) stories....

I can't say never, but I rarely have to wait for red lights...I just intend to get to my destination without interruption and go merrily on my way.  It works just like magic when you know the formula!

A few years back I decided that I don't want to stand in lines anymore...Not at the grocery store, the post office or the dreaded vehicle registration office where the lines are notorious for being hours long....And just like the parting of the Red Sea,  it is always my turn when I am ready for service.

There are five of us that get together regularly.  One afternoon we were going downtown to attend some event so on the way we decided that we wanted a parking spot in  front of the venue.  Of course there was an empty spot right at the front door waiting for us when we got there.  From that experience I decided to choose a parking spot that I designated as mine at various stores where I shop.  Usually the spot is empty when I arrive, but on the rare occasion that the spot is occupied when I get to the parking lot, the driver is preparing to leave as I get to the spot.
These small things, synchronicity in action, make life more pleasant and free up time for bigger, more important things....maybe these types of things are already happening for you....Ain't life grand!!

I am an information junkie....I read books, listen to recordings, go to seminars, etc....I freely share this information with my friends, so one day a dear friend called to ask me if I had any information about Doreen Virtue. I knew of her and had heard her speak, but I didn't have any recordings or books I could lend my friend....Lest anyone doubt the power of intention, let me assure you, it is amazing....

Later that same day I received an email from one of the tele-seminar series I  subscribe to announcing that Doreen Virtue would be the speaker that evening.  I forwarded the email to my friend and she had the information she needed.  Ask and you shall receive!

Get ready to be astounded.....
Besides being an information junkie, I love to play in the dirt... A couple of years ago, I  decided to create a patio edge rose garden. I read somewhere that roses and tomatoes are great companion plants because the roses enhance the flavor of the tomatoes. So naturally, as I am planting the roses, I am considering their placement in relation to the tomatoes I don't have, but will plant later and imagining how lovely it will all look.
Well, a couple of days later while I was watering my newly planted roses I noticed seedlings coming up in between the roses....I watered them everyday and chuckled to myself when they turned out to be darling little cherry tomato plants exactly where I imagined they should be....
All I can say is, "How cool is that!"

I could go on and on with similar stories....

My friends and I don't question these happenings, we expect them and are thankful when they show up. We know they are on their way to us, from wherever they are, the minute we intend them.

"The more gratefully we fix our minds on the Supreme when good things come to us, the more good things we will receive, and the more rapidly they will come; and the reason simply is that the mental attitude of gratitude draws the mind into closer touch with the source from which the blessings come." - Wallace D Wattles

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